Posted on: June 3, 2009 8:06 pm


When are we going to stop talking about the ratings and poor attendance for NASCAR like we have no clue what's happening? I will boil this down in a few very simple statements.

1. ESPN had it in the bag years ago and let it slip away to FOX. Long time fans had grow accustomed to their style of coverage. When Fox took over we spent the first five years being treated as if it were the first race we had ever seen in our lives and had to sit through countless segments on such things as the draft or camber, wedge, aero-push, and roof flap operation. Not to mention those stupid jiggly pointing arrows with the drivers name, following them around the track and switching back and forth through the turns. Constant explainations for every little thing and not very much driver interaction other than DW telling you about himself over and over. Fox coverage alone helped turn fans away, but that's not all.

2. What channel is the race on? Three to four and five networks or channels showing various races throughout the season. You tell me how a new fan keeps up without a DVR, Even with one of those you still could miss the finish with a rain delay.

3. Lil' Digger = stop it. Now.

4. The death of Earnhardt, retirement or semi retirement of favorite drivers.

5. PC control over drivers and their emotions. We love feuds, It makes great racing. Let the boys be boys.

6. Most of all, what's killing NASCAR, the COT.....we hate the car of tomorrow. It's ugly. It's junk. Stop trying to get me to root for a stickered up piece of plastic. I know the idea of that floating monstrocity was safety but, it's not a real car. Go back to the times when the cars did not share common templates. I have never liked that thing. It's a stupid idea. I consider it lazy safety engineering. I'm not saying return to the days of glass windshields and metal bumpers, but please race a somewhat "stock" car. Remember "Race on Sunday, buy on Monday"?

Where did you go wrong NASCAR?

You went wrong with the idea that we wouldn't care if we raced our own style of INDY car. Just because they look the same, doesn't mean you have too. That's what set you apart from them. We weren't watching engines race around a track. We were watching our Fords, Chevys, Dodges, Pontiacs, and Mercurys. Not this snap together model all wrapped in decals. 

Give us back our stock cars. Give us back our short tracks. Give us back our manufacturers. Give us back our cars that we can actually recognize.

In return, we will give you back your fans.
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